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On human centric design of cyber-security for TWEX/NET, June 28 2018.

We are pleased to let you know that architectural definition of the TWEX/NET system has begun. As we work toward it, we are realizing that much can be done on the philosophical foundation of the system. TWEX/NET will be a people centric system. The design will put significantly more emphasis on people- who, what, where, and much less emphasis on machines. Everything that is presently known about machine security, be it in hardware, software, data, or in networks, is merely a tool at our disposal. We may use all of them, some of them, or none of them at our own discretion, at all times or at some of the times. This is not to say that we will not be using something to protect our systems, because we will be using something. This is to say that our use of security algorithms and protocol will continuously morph itself endlessly. The nature and purpose of such morphing will be clear shortly.

TWEX/NET will have traditional onion ring like layered security architecture, with inner core being the most secured, and gradually opening up to the free world. Human identity is a critical element in our design. Because TWEX/NET will be a global system running across multiple national boundaries, people within the system will have a superior identity, built on top of identity systems of many nations. As a side benefit, important as it is, this feature along with the fact that TWV will operate over several global free-zones, will allow us to serve the unfortunate people who have become displaced or stateless against their own wills.

Human trust is another critical integral part of the TWEX/NET system. We will have an elaborate global trust management system, built and secured just like the TWEX/NET system itself. The global trust system will be built upon the superior human identity system, a superior certification system, and a global human-root-of-trust management system. Basic security principles, such as authentication, confidentiality, data integrity, and non repudiation will be transparently integrated at the people level.

We will build the TWEX/NET system to be scalable, reliable, and resilient on the face of uncertainties, vulnerabilities, and disasters. Keeping in mind at all times, that we put people first. Despite countless design challenges, TWEX/NET network will operate over open Internet/IP network infrastructure. We have convinced ourselves that we can build a secure TWEX/NET system over most public non-secure networks, which also is only natural. As you may already know, there is no respite in the hinterland of cyberspace. Hidden beneath the ordinary eyes, it’s a dog-eat-dog world in the cyberspace. Players with various levels of skills and authorities continuously bombard the networks and devices to intrude, to break, with motives ranging anywhere between good to evil. The bad among them are the silent intruders to steal valuable information, or to cause physical damages. Internal unintentional human errors such as clicks on malicious links, making wrong accidental steps, inviting malicious actors at a wrong place, can be even more harmful. And worst among the threats are compromised internal people determined to do harm to the system. Luckily, our people centric design along with human trust management system is the best answer known yet to address these issues.

In the event a disaster is to happen, a break in, an internal error, or an internal malicious attack, we will rely on our speed, accuracy, isolation, quarantine, and fast recovery mechanism. These are target design attributes, implemented and applied at the people level, and also to networks, machines, and processes when needed.

As a general principle, we will secure people before machines, and wherever it is beyond our ability to secure people, we will keep the machines transparent and subject to human inspection as much possible. This last point needs additional explanations. This may be a good time to recall one of our earlier concepts-presented as a riddle of the quasi state of operation (p14). You see, despite our elaborate systems of human trust management, we will not have full control over the level of trust due to human nature. The level of human trust morphs itself in an endless manner. To address this particular problem, as mentioned earlier, we will make the security level of our systems also morph endlessly in an entangled manner like they are two entangled atoms, figuratively speaking, using terms from particle physics. This entangled dancing of trust and security is our way of manage the quasi state of operation.

We need to emphasize our last idea, as we are the first party ever proposing this in cyber-security we think it is our responsibility to communicate this matter to you in a manner most people can understand. As a general rule, we avoid metaphors. But metaphors are needed sometimes to communicate very complex ideas. In particle physics, scientists have been using Schrödinger's cat as a thought experiment to describe entanglement of two particles. In our case, we are referring to trust level and security level at the innermost part of the TWEX/NET system. TWEX/NET is a financial system. System integrity is an absolute requirement. To prevent the system from falling in the hands of the malicious actors, we want level of security and system transparency to adjust almost simultaneously with trust. But, in a people centric system we are dealing with real people. So, our more romantic sounding word for this entanglement is perhaps Argentine Tango dance, and not the Schrödinger's cat. We want security and trust to perpetually tango with each other in our system. We have some control over both parameters, but not total control. Also, we want to do this in an algorithmic, automated, and systemic manner so that the system can stay objective to the parties concerned. We have convinced ourselves that we can build this system.

The onion ring like security architecture and the people centric security design have profound impact on how we are going partition the overall TWEX/NET system. We already know that TWEX/NET is likely to be an ensemble of multiple sub-systems and sub-applications, running at different security layers, serving different set of users. This is good news for our end-users. We are trying our best to present a users friendly soft system in front of them. All the hard cells we have been referring to will be there to deal with hard acting cyber actors.

On Enhanced Root of Trust Computing in TWEX/NET, May 16 2018.

TWEX/NET uses enhanced cyber security principles. Enhanced Root of Trust Computing is an evolutionary novel concept, we presented first time at the Fifth International Conference on Informatics, Electronics & Vision on May 13-14, 2016 at the Dhaka University in Bangladesh. A secure system is good only when used by good people, and it can be very dangerous otherwise. As we implement TWEX/NET, knowing about that and other related cyber technologies might be important for our stake holders. Our original presentation on Enhanced Root of Trust Computing is given at the link. 3MB.

A tri-fold brochure released, May 9 2018.

We have released a tri-fold brochure ahead of the US-Qatar Economic Forum to be held at the Willard InterContinental, Washington, DC on May 10, 2018.

An Executive Summary, November 24 2017.

This document presents a model of an infrastructure, a set of manufacturing zones in various parts of the world, where companies from all over the world can build their factories and service facilities. To help jump start the infrastructure, an immediate action item is to fund and create a clothing manufacturing company according to the proposed model. Several socio economic problems at a global scale- wars, famines, dislocation of large number of people, shift in consumptions, shift in capital structures, and shift in global trade patterns have created massive unemployment and socioeconomic isolations in many parts of the world. The problem is widespread in developing nations, but it hasn’t spared the developed nations either. Many small and distant nations are not proportionately benefitting from global trade. Due to internal wage structure, many developed nations are left behind in certain segment of global trade. The USA for example has a precarious position in low to mid end manufacturing due to high internal wages. Doing nothing is not a choice, as the lower end of world trade volume is like the heavier bottom of a pyramid. In addition, the existing model is leading to large scale labor exploitations, child labors, political unrests, and unsafe factory conditions in many countries. Profits in wrong hands are adding to global social problems. We have tried to look at these problems from the point of view of the USA, particularly from the point of the Commonwealth of Virginia. We think a solution to the problems needs to address the needs of dislocated factory and farm workers in developed nations as well. It is possible to achieve these objectives with fine grain redirection and management of global supply chain for manufacturing and services. We believe we have a solution that is good for Virginia, good for directly participating nations, and good as a platform for all nations. The platform is open, transparent, and it allows smaller entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world to compete globally with reduced barrier to entry. We propose to create massive American manufacturing zones in several strategic parts of the world. A related concept paper, in presentation style slides, captures our general vision. There are several layers to our ideas. At the highest level we talk about a global trade infrastructure company, which we call Trade World Virginia or TWV. TWV will operate the global foreign American manufacturing zones. Each massive facility will be built on several thousand acres of lands. In a simple form, TWV will be a company that will rent manufacturing and service sites to tenant companies. This brings us to the next layer of the idea. At the second layer there will be real companies that will engage in global trades. Examples of such company can be existing behemoths, such as Apple Computer, Amazon, or small new comers such as Future Clothing Manufacturer or a Future Global Online Shop. These second layer companies will be the global tenants of TWV. The third layer is a local government layer to facilitate logistics, safety, and security. Each TWV facility will have an inland port, built in customs, trade research center, and a business incubator. Because of the inland ports, a TWV facility can be located far away from coastal areas, even in land locked nations. TWV will have its own cyber currency, and yet operating with local currency of the country where located. TWV cyber currency will be chartalism compliant and will add to the security of the system. This will add a new benefit to the dislocated workers. Bank accounts can be created in a cyber space, and the workers will have access to their accounts from any country, thereby solving a major banking problem for the migrant workers and refugees, safely and securely for all parties concerned. Trades will settle at mouse clicks. The benefit of TWV is an ability to manufacture goods at one of the lowest costs known to us, and doing business globally with much simplified logistics with lesser efforts and smaller barriers to entry. But one of the crucial benefits will be enjoyed by the workers and their families. TWV will integrate American style education, healthcare, sports, recreation, and employee compensation in each facility, thereby creating a new global standard for employee benefits, health, and safety. To add further to that, TWV will promote entrepreneurship and dynamic capitalism to create worker equity in the system. Yet another crucial benefit will be for large number of displaced people in the conflict zones. With TWV, it will be easier to create manufacture zones in conflict areas with ease and speed, thereby creating employments for people who need it most at a time of need. Those displaced people will benefit from TWV’s integrated education and healthcare systems as well. TWV will be a profitable corporation. Much of the required capital may come from debt financing. Nonetheless, several billion dollars in startup capital will be requested from angels, venture capitalists, private equities, sovereign funds, and government grants. We think, clothing manufacturing is a good place to start the tenant layer.

White Paper on Agriculture Revitalization, November 24 2017.

TWV White Paper

White paper: Revitalization of US Agriculture with TWV. 6MB

High Dynamism and Broad Inclusion, March 29 2018.

High Dynamism and Broad Inclusion bring advantages in almost every dimension of socio-economic performance and productivity of a nation. A creative business sector provides most people an opportunity to use their talents to pursue happiness. But what is called dynamism or structural dynamism of a nation, or what is inclusion? It is the creativity of entrepreneurs, the thriving enterprises, the skills of financiers in selecting and supporting the best entrepreneurs, the knowledge base the business managers draw upon in making use of new methods, materials and products, the diversity of employees and teams. We draw much from Edmund Strother Phelps' recent works to study and often redefine what he calls Dynamic Capitalism. But from our deeper roots in Silicon Valley, we feel comfortable to say that the valley is a living breathing thriving example of what dynamic capitalism is or perhaps what it should be. If Phelps is a torch bearer of structural dynamism and broad inclusion, his torch is pointing to Silicon Valley. We encourage our stakeholders to take deeper look and learn from Silicon Valley, how entrepreneurs create enterprises, how financiers finance entrepreneurial activities, how managers manage their businesses, and how employee creativity and productions are rewarded, how intellectual properties are protected, and what diversity and talent the employees bring on the table or where they come from.

A new global trade block for high dynamism and broad inclusion, March 29 2018.

We call Trade World Virginia a trade block to mean plurality, diversity, and inclusion. TWV is high dynamism and broad inclusion.

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